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Maintenance Knowledge of Lithium electric bike

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Methods for charging battery sets as follows:

Connect charger to battery sets first, then put power plug of charger to 110-220V AC input. Charging in this way can avoid generating electric spark when plug in and unplug. It indicates that battery sets are charging normally when red indicator light is on. The normal time for charging is 5-6 hours.

Precautions for Use of Charger
To insure safety charge of battery sets and life span of battery sets, battery sets must be charged by suitable charger especially used for 24V/36V lithium battery. If lost or damaged, pls buy it from related distributor. Chargers used for lead acid batteries or other kinds of chargers are not allowed to use.

Special Attention:

Because Lithium ion battery belongs to no memory battery, it is recommended that owners could charge frequently for battery sets every time or every day after each ride. In this way, life span of battery sets can be improved greatly. 

When start an E-bike, go uphill, ride on a dirt and stone road or strong headwind, using both throttle and PAS can make the longest service life of battery and motor.

The capacity of battery pack is measured under room temperature 25℃, so it is normal if the power is consumed and the distance is a bit shorten in winter. We advice to charge the battery in a higher temperature to make sure it can be full.

In the case of not using E-bike, the connector plug between battery and bicycle should be pulled out or to turn off the power switch. The motor and controller will have power consumption in no-load state, so please avoid wast of power.


Using tips for Lithium ion Battery:
1.    Riding in snow and rain, please keep discharge port between battery packs and bicycle off water. When it is unused, turn off the power to avoid short circuit. Try not to use E-bikes under bad circumstances. Pay attention to waterproof of the battery.

2.    The place of battery should be kept away from water, fire, strong shake, collision and short circuit and also keep it in dry. Keep the battery off direct sunshine in summer.

Special remind: Do not to unpack or modify or break battery. Using the battery in another model or different brand of E-bikes is forbidden. Please avoid foreign matter in charge hole in case of short circuit.



We hope you enjoy the fun & enthusiasm of Riding!


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