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The Starting Ceremony of the new factory

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Dec. 1st, 2022, ZT group starts the Starting Ceremony of the new factory.

The new factory occupies around 20K Sq.M, on the new land we bought in Lishui Economy development zone, We are going to build 3 buildings: The building of Administration, The other 2 buildings are for ebikes assembling & Ebike frames manufacturing.

After the new factory established, it is not only a ebike assembling factory, but also the industrial park for the ebikes manufacturing chain, which includes the design & maufacture of the controllers, displays, batteries, frames & other necessary parts. We are collecting those manufactures all in one area.

The Blue Print for the new company:



We’d like to share the Starting Ceremony with you:





We’ll see you in our new facilities next year 2023!

We hope you enjoy the fun & enthusiasm of Riding!


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