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ZT Ebike
Suzhou Zhetai Vehicle Co., Ltd, Established in May, 2011. With R & D Centre located in Germany. After almost 10 years' development, we are now the professional manufacture of various kinds of electric bikes, which includes mountain ebikes, folding ebikes, city ebikes, electric scooters & ebike kits. Annual output is over 30000 pcs.
All our products have passed the CCC & TUV Test, quality is 100% guaranteed.
Welcome come to us for customizing your own Ebike!

Operating Strategy

The operating policy is a strategy and principle adopted to deal with a series of major issues in the production.

Business Thought

Attitudes, concepts and ideas that guide
business operations.

Enterprise Spirit

It refers to an enterprise based on its specific nature, task, purpose, era requirements and development direction.


Annual Output 30000+ sets of Ebikes


We have more than 100 employees

12000 +

Our factory is over 12,000 square meters

150 +

More than 120 partners from different countries


Light Weight

Only 12.5 Kilos, you can easily take it 

Powerful Battery

Qualified 26650 Lithium Cells, which make the ebike very powerful for any different road situations

Environmental Friendly

Aluminum structure & Lithium battery
will lead the way of low carbon life


FREE OEM Services

Come and Consult!

We hope you to enjoy the fun & enthusiasm of the Riding!

We hope you enjoy the fun & enthusiasm of Riding!


CONTACT (China Mainland)

Phone: +86-18662219210 (Sales)
             +86-15850242989 (Tech Support)
Adress: No. 3, JiangSheng Road, ShengPu Town, Suzhou City, China 
Mail: zt010@zt-smart.com

CONTACT (Germany office)

Phone: +49 024517194728
Adress: Südstraße 4,52531 Übach-Palenberg 
Mail: zt003@zt-smart.com
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